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Please carefully read this statement and the service agreement prior to registration and use of this website and its services. Don¨t hesitate to contact us should you have any doubt.

,This website is fully owned and operated by Wellness 333 Company Limited.

,As a health service information platform, does not provide medical service or health insurance, and cannot replace your family doctor or treating physicians.

,Prior to all use of this website, user should ensure strict compliance with the relevant laws and regulations of their resident jurisdiction.

,If user provides inaccurate, untrue, illegal information to this website for the use of its services, Wellness 333 reserves the right to terminate any or all provision of its services.

,In the event of loss of account password due to user¨s negligence, personal error in deletion, or modification of his account content, will do his best to assist user in data recovery, but does not assume any liability and loss caused by user's own behavior; or guarantee the result of such effort.

,External factors, such as and not limited to computer and network problems, hacker attacks, viruses, service suppliers¨ failure, service interruptions caused by regula tory change, as well as all force majeure, may result in users¨ data loss and service interruption. Wellness 333 will take all necessary and appropriate measures to restore, but shall not be held liable and will not guarantee the result of such effort.

,User is to carefully read this statement and the <> before any use of services offered by this site. User is deemed fully understand and agree upon this statement and the <> of as soon as he performs the following actions (non-exhaustive) on this website: post any questions or answers or other contents, search and browse medical and health information, register or log in.

, reserves the right to immediately remove all user posted contents if they contain or potentially contain, including but not limited to illegal, violent, pornographic, fraudulent, infringing information.

,All text, images, audio and video content submitted to this website by any user is a result of their individual will and behavior. Such content represents solely their personal opinion and position and is by no means agreed or endorsed or guaranteed by This website does not guarantee the accuracy and appli cability of the user generated contents. Any other media that is authorized to republish or quote such contents shall assume full responsibility.

, will notify user any foreseeable service interruption or termination; this does not include all unpredictable and unexpected interruption or termination due to external factors or force majeure. This website is not liable to users or relevant third parties for any resulted loss and damage by the latter.

,Actions performed by user on this website, including but not limited to access, browse, reprint, publish content in forums or other pages is subject to this statement and the service agreement. This website reserves the right to change, modify, and delete the current statement without any prior user consent.


,All non-original content on this website will have their source clearly indicated. All other text, images, icons, audio and video content, as well as website design and process flow are original, and Wellness 333 Company Limited retains all copyright and usage rights. Unauthorized use of our original content is prohibited and subject to prosecution. Please indicate source for any authorized reproduction.

,In order to strictly abide by the laws and regulations and to protect the interests of third parties, reserves the right to delete, modify, edit, or take any other appropriate and necessary measure on user submitted content without prior notice and consent.

,If you suspect any copyright infringement caused by specific text, images and other information on this website, please do contact us by email for a quick resolution to avoid any potential disputes.

,All user submitted original contents are jointly owned by the user and Wellness 333 Company Limited. By submitting such content to the site, user agrees to grant Wellness 333 Company Limited worldwide free, perpetual, irrevocable right to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from, disseminate and display such content into the currently known or later developed works in any form, media or technology.


, protects user¨s submitted personal information from any unauthorized disclosure. User may access or update personal information after initial registration of new account. Please contact customer service for any assistance or doubt.

,In order to continuously improve user experience, may collect user information including but not limited to IP address while visiting the site, browser type, access of different web pages of the site. By the use of services offered on this website, user grants Wellness 333 Company Limited such rights.

,When requested by law enforcement bodies in compliance with relevant legal and administrative procedures, or in the purpose of protecting Wellness 333 Company Limited from intellectual property and other right infringement, this site may disclose relevant user information; and should not be held liable for any resulted loss or damage.

,This website will undertake all necessary and appropriate measures to protect user data and prevent loss, theft, unauthorized disclosure and modification. Its techni cal staff may take action to resolve such issue and notify user in a timely manner.

,User privacy is of utmost importance to All submitted health and medical information, such as illness description or test results, should obtain prior consent and authorization from the patient in question, without which this site will not disclose to any unauthorized third party. The medical specialist receiving such information is deemed to have authorization by user clicking on the button to submit the case for online consultation. This website is not responsible for any disclo sure of such information due to user¨s own action. At the same time, all medical information (including text descriptions and attachments) submitted shall exclude datathat allow to precisely identify the patient in question. Conversely, inclusion of such data is considered as consent and authorization of disclosure on this website.


, provides an execution venue for online health and medical information services, on which communications by both the consulting party and the medical specialist are their respective individual actions. This website by no means guarantees the consulting party would submit requested information so that the specialist may produce a fully-informed and meaningful response, nor that the selected specialist by the consulting party would accept to render his response.

, performs necessary verifications on contracted medical specialists based on the information they provided, and guarantee their qualification to exercise in their resident jurisdiction at the time of contract. This website does not guarantee any specific medical advice rendered by the contracted specialists would be accurate and applicable to the consulted case.

,When using the services provided by, user is at his free will to make decision and take actions and communicate to third party to make decision and take actions based on the information obtained through the site, which is out of the control of this site. This site shall not be held liable to the user or any third party for such decision and/or action by the user or anyone else based on the information contained on the site or provided through the services, or due to reliance upon such information. strongly recommends that user seek face-to-face assistance and advice by treating physicians and/or local medical institution staff before any decision and/or action.

,To the fullest extent permitted by law, any claims arising in connection with the use of this site and any of its content must be brought within one year of the date the event giving rise to such action occurred.

,User agrees that¨s liability pursuant to this statement and the service agreement terms shall not under any circumstances, and regardless of whether the liability arises out of contract or tort, exceed the amount of the fee paid to Wellness 333 Company Limited.

, shall not be held liable for any issues arisen from using third-party website who is a partner or whose link is present on one of its pages.

,User¨s improper or illegal use of the services offered on this site, as well as the imprecise, incorrect, outdated information he submitted, may cause direct, indirect, temporary, specific or subsequent damage or loss. Wellness 333 Company Limited is not responsible and reserves the right to deny the use of the offered services.

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