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Bring out the health expert in you!

Health is like air, you may not notice its absolute importance till one day you lose it.

Health is like wealth, you need to proactively manage it to sustain and improve it.

A wonderful existence of the universe, a miraculously operating system, our body is more sophisticated and complex than any machine invented. For ages and ages, the quest for well-being and longevity has been carried on. No one has yet the perfect solution for the various health issues we face. Research and medical institutions, public entities, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, patients associations, fitness clubs, complementary and alternative medicine communities¡­¡­actors abound in the field of health and well-being. In this ongoing effort by all, we are eager to join and make our contribution to help you find the key to wellness; to empower you to be your own health expert.

In our era of information explosion, in-depth specialization and segmentation, we tend to fully rely upon experts when confronted with a health issue, especially when the stakes are high or the case complicated. Health and medical experts provide us with the comfort of certainty, assuredness, or even the parental-like authority and clear-cut action plan. However, if you believe that you just need to simply listen and execute, then you are probably wrong.

First of all, experts do make mistakes. Studies show that doctors misdiagnose four out of ten times. And according to NYTimes, fatal illnesses are seriously misdiagnosed about 20 percent of the time.
Secondly, experts are governed or limited by prevailing opinions, mainstream practices, as well as their social and cultural norms and personal experiences. When rendering their decisions, they tend to advise the safest and unquestionable solution that suits most people, however, your bio-individuality may not be systematically and fully taken into consideration.

Last but not the least, you are the master of your body and how it feels and reacts. While experts may take time to realize and correct mistakes, adjust the treatment, the feedback from the body can be most direct and timely.

This is why you should
¡¤Never blindly follow a specific expert
¡¤Always insist in your independent decision making
¡¤Do your homework to understand the health issue as much as you can
¡¤Know how to effectively and proactively communicate your health situation
¡¤Challenge the expert¡¯s reasoning and assumptions when necessary
¡¤Ask the expert to give explanation in an easy-to-understand language to you
¡¤Use critical thinking and confront divergent and dissenting expert opinions

There is no best health solution, but the one most appropriate and effective for YOU.
Keep your eyes wide open at experts¡¯ opinions and get comfortable with trial and error.
Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills; and YES, YOU CAN BE YOUR OWN HEALTH EXPERT!

Our mission and belief

We are dedicated to bringing out the health expert in you and assisting you in finding your own magic health formula.
To do this, we will gradually roll out services that keep you informed to make better health-related decisions.

We believe in democratization of health expertise.

We believe that
¡¤Everyone can be his own health expert.
¡¤Everyone should be equipped with the knowledge and skills to stay healthy.
¡¤Everyone has the right to access quality and affordable medical services

Quality health information and good practices are borderless and should be freely shared by all. If you personally used an effective method or product, you are more than welcome to join our CAM (Complementary and alternative medicine) Feedback Forum. Your input is valuable to others in a similar situation and to us in building our tracking and evaluation system.
Confronting different expert opinions can help us make informed and better decisions. When one¡¯s health or life is at stake, it makes sense to take every precaution and to know as much as possible about treatment options. A remote second medical opinion is a valuable resource when you are faced with difficult health circumstances or choices. It is personalized and independent; this is especially so for surgery recommendations which are strictly based on patient¡¯s necessity and free of other considerations. Via this website, we provide online remote second opinion services for a variety of medical specialties to offer you the convenient, quick and secure access to world-class physicians. We are here to help you

¡¤Better understand your diagnosis and treatment options
¡¤Reduce risk of medical errors
¡¤Prevent unnecessary operations
¡¤Take control of your health issue

Our three ¡°P¡±s in execution:

Professionalism + Personalization + Persisting tracking & feedback

Team and culture

As a team of health passionate and health experts,
We love transparency!

We love ongoing innovation!

We love information sharing for the empowerment of the mass!

We are doers and adventurers that cooperate across continents, and we embrace all kinds of cooperation and new ideas.

Work with us

There are still so much that we can do to help people to lead a healthier and happier life. We explore all axes of growth and welcome all forms of cooperation.

Want to be the part of our startup adventure?
Want to partner up to promote better health services?
Want to offer us your health or medical expertise?
Want to discuss and promote a health solution?

No matter where you are based in, if you are also a wellness passionate, we are eager to get in touch with you £¿

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