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Wellness 333 Second Medical Opinion

Why use this service?

To enable you to master your medical situation and better assisted by the experts, we offer paid remote online consultation directly with a variety of specialists for a second medical opinion.

You may have limited access to highly specialized care based on where you live, your availability for travel or your mobility. You may want to have completely independent opinion or explore other treatment options. This service can be a good complementary to face-to-face conventional consultation.

I am the patient or his close family and friend

Having searched a lot on the internet, but still confused about the issue!
Consulted several specialists and my current treatment does not seem working!
Tried the free online questions, but cannot get a detailed and satisfying answer for my situation!
My doctor said immediate surgery is needed, but I have serious doubt¡­¡­
Want to avoid potential overtreatment and complications¡­¡­

I am the treating physician

How will my confrere deal with this uncommon case?
This procedure is much more practiced in country A than in my own region; does it suit my patient under these circumstances?
This medicine is newly introduced to our domestic market, what are the known side effects?
Want to help my patient get further informed and make up his mind¡­¡­

When faced with complicated health issues and the stakes are high, you may not be able to afford a second chance; thus it is critical to get a second medical opinion to challenge or validate your diagnosis and/or treatment.

Study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center showed that second opinion led to treatment modifications: overall, 52% of the patients evaluated had one or more changes in their recommendations for surgery. One of the most effective way to come to a better health decision is to confront different expert opinions.

Take control now and get you and your loved ones the peace of mind and confidence to combat the disease! Browse the profiles of our authenticated, seasoned specialists and choose your own! It¡¯s quick and direct at your fingertips!

Who may use it?

Our service can help you if you are experiencing one of the followings:

¡¤Doubt in current diagnosis and/or treatment
¡¤Prescribed treatment does not improve the health situation
¡¤Prescribed treatment does not improve the health situation
¡¤Having complicated or uncommon health issues
¡¤Surgery or heavy procedure recommended

This service is not for you if the request involves

¡¤Basic or straightforward medical information
¡¤Urgent or quick-evolving medical situations
¡¤Questions that may be answered via free online services and forums

Simple screening questions will erase any doubt at the beginning of your consultation case submission.

You may submit case for consultation if you are
1.The patient yourself
2.Close family and friend of the patient who has obtained his authorization for disclosure and consultation
3.Any assisting medical professional including but not limited to the patient¡¯s treating physician

You must have basic knowledge to accurately and clearly describe the medical case. Don¡¯t hesitate to seek assistance from relevant medical professional should you have any question or doubt during the consultation process.


¡¤Independent and objective

The specialist you pick will render his opinion solely based on the information you submitted in the case, he is physically and psychologically distant from your place of treatment and will not be the one that perform surgery or prescribe treatment

¡¤Convenient and limitless of your geographical location

Our rigorously selected and verified specialists render their opinion in writing via this website; you can access them through a simple internet connection no matter where you are in the world. No travel, no waiting room.

¡¤Clear audit trail

All submitted cases and specialists¡¯ answers (in the form of detailed report) are in writing, and stored under your account with our website. We also track your feedback immediately after as well as 90 days post to the answer by the specialist.

¡¤Complementary and diverse

The specialist you choose is usually based in a different region or country then your own, thus may not be influenced by the prevailing view or mainstream approach of the latter. You will benefit from highly diverse experience. If your case is rare in your area, it may not be so elsewhere.

¡¤Secure and private

We will not disclose your personal information without authorization. Besides encryption of the health and medical data you submit, we also ask you to mask all information that reveal the identity of the patient. The case submission should be completely anonymous. The specialist does not need to know the patient¡¯s name in order to render a pertinent and applicable second opinion.

Every specialist listed on our website undergoes strictly authentication and background check. Our medical advisors and outside partners will conduct systematic phone interview and take all other necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the specialist¡¯s profile, which include his or her qualifications, certificate of practice, associated medical institutions and areas of expertise etc.

We also make sure that our specialists have international experience and will fully consider your living environment, eating habits, ethnic and genetic characteristics. They are given clear guidance of effective online written communication and are asked to render their report in an easy-to-understand, non-jargon language.

How to use it?

It¡¯s simple. Take couple minutes to create your account, pick a specialist based on his detailed profile and user feedback on the website, then you can go ahead to create your consultation case.

For beta testing, we do not yet accept payments directly on our website. You do not need to provide us your credit card information.

Your feedback will be collected the first time immediately after the specialist reply, then a second time at least 90 days later to allow sufficient reflection and observation. We also welcome any subsequent feedback.

Snapshot of required medical information for a case of second medical opinion:

(Indications are available to guide you better fill in the questionnaire.
You have the possibility to save and extract case data at any time of the consultation process.
We will equally check the completeness and clarity of your submitted data and provide assistance whenever necessary.
You will be notified once the specialist¡¯s answer is finalized.)

Clear and accurate description is the key!

Time and charges

48 hours turnaround

From the time the completed case is submitted and no further information is required, you may expect the specialist to render his or her report within 48 hours taken into consideration different time zones.

Consultation fees differ according to specialist and the complexity of the case.

During our beta testing, we offer two promotional consultation plans
1.Plan A, 29 euros: less than 400 words case description and up to 2 attachments.
2.Plan B, 59 euros: less than 900 words case description and up to 5 attachments.

Currently we accept payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

Please contact us if you need tailored service for individuals or organizations.

Further information

We serve increasing specialties. If you know a good specialist in your area, please let us know!

Wellness 333 CAM Feedback Forum

We intend to share and help enhance user experience on complementary and alternative medecine and establish a tracking and evaluation mechanism both online and offline. The latter enable us to cover a larger user base. The information shared in this forum comes 100% from the users. In order to stay impartial and reflect the reality, we do not accept sponsor of any kind from CAM providers or pharmaceutical companies and their related third-parties. And we do not host any form of advertisement of related products or services which are potential topics of the forum discussion.

This is a free service aiming to gather and share real on-the-ground practical information in this arena.

Topics of the forum are mostly user-generated and will hopefully keep you up-to-date of the development and usage of CAM practices and products. We will periodically produce and publish statistics and trends based on the forum¡¯s data. It¡¯s true data. It¡¯s independent. It¡¯s free.

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